Agent Profile


I was the sole designer on this project, working with a product manager and engineering team.
Back when this first launched, Inman published an article detailing our improvememts here, and interviewed my product manager for this project.


The objective for the Trulia Agent Profile redesign was to surface more relevant information while converting from “recommendations” to a five-star review system. Using the Trulia Experience Language, I updated the design according to a few key insights learned from user research.

In our research, we found that our consumer user set is very interested in reviews. Based on this finding, we wanted to surface the agent’s star rating, in addition to the breakdown of individual skill ratings. I also wanted to include an open contact form prominently as this has been shown to convert well versus a contact button, and the consumer initiating contact with the agent is the ultimate goal of this page.

In our research we also found that consumers were concerned if the agent was "local" enough, as in, do they know my market? My neighborhood? To address this we added a list of “service areas” (where the agent does the most business) as well as a list of their current and past listings, so the consumer can get an idea of the types of properties and neighborhood the agent deals with.

Existing Profile Page

For reference, this was the existing profile page when we began this redesign project.

Concepting / Wireframes

Before I acheived the final profile design, I tried out a bunch of different layouts, and exposing different metrics. Initially I started in more of a wireframe environment and moved toward more visual mocks as I got more feedback and pieces of the project solidified.

Final Design

Eventually we landed on a final design for the profile, and it was a success! Our agents were really excited for a more modern looking design, as well as the upgraded review format.

Final profile design

Final profile design

Private Profile

When an agent is viewing their own profile, we wanted it to default to a private state with edting capabilites. The editing was intended to be WYSIWYG and would autosave as the agent typed along. The agent would also have the capability to view their public profile from the bar at the top of the page.

Another goal of this page was surfacing the profile completeness percentage prominently. Agents with more complete profiles get more lead messages.


We wanted to get agents to fill in some key information to set up their profile before bouncing, so we tried to make the onboarding as straightforward and brief as possible, putting the most necessary required information in the first steps.

Write a Review

In changing from recommendations (which were basically just blurbs associated only with positive feedback and a "thumbs up" icon) to star reviews, we had to create a new flow to post a review.

Desktop version of Write a Review

Desktop version of Write a Review

Mobile version of Write a Review with a few states

Mobile version of Write a Review with a few states